What did you do during COVID? Jake Bookwalter traveled the world.
The Political LifeAugust 19, 2022x
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What did you do during COVID? Jake Bookwalter traveled the world.

This week we welcome James "Jake" Bookwalter onto the show to give us a rundown of his many international trips during the Covid-19 pandemic. You might be surprised by his favorite location over the past couple of years.

James (better known as Jake) serves as Vice President for Legislative Information Services at Stateside Associates. Jake joined Stateside in 2011 as a legislative associate and served as a manager and senior manager before assuming his current role. As Vice President, Jake manages the overall legislative monitoring services provide to clients, manages each of the four legislative teams and is responsible for the overall accuracy, quality, and timeliness of the legislative monitoring and research. He is also responsible for the training of the professionals monitoring and analyzing legislation and political trends in all 50 states and the territories. In addition, Jake liaises with clients and frequently lectures about state issues.

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