Throwback: How to Outsource your Compliance Department
The Political LifeOctober 11, 2021x
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Throwback: How to Outsource your Compliance Department

On this throwback episode of The Political Life, Jim interviews Elizabeth Bartz of State and Federal Communications - helping companies and lobbyists comply with ethics rules in all fifty states and globally.

About Elizabeth Bartz

  • Borrowed money and bought the compliance department of State and Federal Associates in 1993.
  • She moved the department to Akron, Ohio, and bought it over a series of year, ultimately spinning it off into "State & Federal Communications."
  • She can be seen at all of the major legislative conferences across the country.
  • She works with contract lobbyists and in-house government affairs professionals, giving her a unique perspective on the industry.

What are State and Federal Communications’ main services?

  • Compliance for lobbying and campaign finance.
  • They will start handling lobbying and compliance for European countries soon.
  • Many European political candidates are hiring American political consultants.

How many companies does State and Federal Communications work with?

  • 100+.
  • Their compliance department has about 12 people.
  • Company-wide, it has about 12 attorneys on staff.

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