Meet Josh Gray's Mom, Jackie Krentzman!
The Political LifeMarch 31, 2023x
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Meet Josh Gray's Mom, Jackie Krentzman!

In this unique episode of the podcast, Jim welcomes back Josh Gray and with him, his mom Jackie Krentzman to the podcast for the first time to talk about the unique relationship they have together and how it all came to be. Topics covered in this episode include:
  • How Jackie first met Josh.
  • Jackie's first impression of Josh
  • Overview of the nonprofit Write on Sports and Jackie's work with creating a chapter in the Berkley area
  • Josh's first impression of Jackie
  • Josh and Jackie talk about preconceived notions they had when Josh first started to live with Jackie
  • Jackie's preconceived notions growing up in a Jewish neighborhood.
  • Josh's grandmother's preconceived notions meeting Jackie
  • Jackie meeting Josh's family
  • The process Josh went through that caused him to start calling Jackie his mother and wanting to live with her and Larry.
  • The conditions created between Josh's family and Jackie to allow him to move into the house.
  • Josh opening up to Jackie about his trauma.
  • Raising Josh in a different culture than what would've been considered his normal.
  • How Josh living with Jackie helped them both learn and grow in different ways.
  • Josh asks Jackie if she has ever been in a situation that makes her realize the issues that black women go through raising their children.
  • The statistics of what Josh's future that was laid out after failing a test in first grade.
  • Where Josh's biological family is today.
  • Life post George Floyd and what has changed in their lives since.
  • How being progressive still means there is still a lot to learn and trying not to have a 'White Savior' mentality.
  • Josh and Jackie having accountability for one another and checking on one another's attitudes.
  • What individuals can do for people in the world in similar situations to Josh as a child but also adults.
Josh Gray – has been a guest on the show before to talk about his amazing life story. You can find those episodes here and here. He is the vice-president of the advertising company Ogilvy. Ogilvy has been growing brands and businesses since 1948. They continue that rich legacy through borderless creativity—operating, innovating, and creating at the intersection of talent and capabilities. Our experts in Public Relations, Consulting, Advertising, Health, and Experience work fluidly across 131 offices in 93 countries. Jackie Krentzman – is the proprietor of Krentzman Communications, a communications and content strategy company that works with nonprofits and for-profit companies on their communication strategies and execution. She is also the editor-in-chief of Diversity Woman, a national quarterly publication on women’s leadership development, sold at Barnes & Noble and distributed to women in leadership positions in Fortune 1000 companies. Previously, Jackie was the editorial director of DCP, the largest custom publisher California. At the beginning of her career, she was a sportswriter, covering the San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics and Golden State Warriors. In 2012 Jackie made a documentary film that aired on PBS and at numerous film festivals, American Jerusalem, Jews and the Making of San Francisco. Jackie has taught at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and UC Berkeley Extension. She earned her Masters of Journalism from UC Berkeley and a BA from the University of Michigan. Help us grow! Leave us a rating and review - it's the best way to bring new listeners to the show. Have a suggestion, or want to chat with Jim? Email him at: Follow The Lobbying Show on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for weekly updates about the show, our guests, and more.