How Vance Roush is Reinventing Modern Philanthropy
The Political LifeMarch 04, 2022x
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How Vance Roush is Reinventing Modern Philanthropy

Today on the show we have a conversation with Vance Roush of Overflow.

Overflow is an online stock donation platform that helps nonprofits and churches accept donations of publicly-traded stock.

While most nonprofits deal exclusively with cash donations, many potential donors hold their wealth primarily in stocks, not cash. This fundamental misalignment means nonprofits miss out on countless donations each year.

Overflow is reinventing modern philanthropy by making it possible to donate stock directly to nonprofits.

With a background in technology as a former Googler and in the nonprofit space as a church builder, Vance has experienced first hand the power of generosity and is on a mission to scale that principle through technology. In addition to leading Overflow, he serves as Executive Pastor at VIVE Church.

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