FOMO – tune in to hear what Chris Massey & April Mims have to say
The Political LifeJune 29, 2022x
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FOMO – tune in to hear what Chris Massey & April Mims have to say

This week we welcome back friends of the show Chris Massey and April Mims (as co-hosts with Jim) as they have part one of a two-part discussion about where they first overlapped in the work world: Lyft

April is the SVP of Public Policy at hims & hers, where her goal is to secure federal, state, and local healthcare policy that increases access and empowers patients.

And Chris is an Operating Partner on the Craft Ventures platform team focused on helping founders with issues related to government relations, public affairs, social impact, and diversity & inclusion.

As this episode can attest, all roads seem to lead back to Lyft, which is the place where April's and Chris' professional paths first crossed back in 2014. Together, April and Chris lead the listeners through their joint experience working in the public policy department and shaping the message at Lyft in the early years of the app's development.

As a reminder, you'll be hearing more from Chris in the near future as we gear up to bring you coverage of the National Conference of State Legislatures, which will be hosted in Denver, Colorado, in early August.

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