Can "Build Back Better" Come Back from the Dead?
The Political LifeDecember 20, 2021x
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Can "Build Back Better" Come Back from the Dead?

This week on the show we welcome back Rich Gold, who is a Partner at Holland & Knight. Holland & Knight is one of the largest lobbying firms in D.C., and Rich serves as the leader of the firm’s Public Policy and Regulation team.

Rich provides some insights as to what Congress and the President will do next in the wake of Sen. Manchin's announcement yesterday that he will not support the "Build Back Better" proposal. 

We also discuss a number of other issues:

  • Whether Sen. Manchin will remain in the Democratic Party, or if he'll end up becoming an Independent that caucuses with the Democrats;
  • Senator Cruz's deal to get a vote on sanctions tied to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in exchange for removing holds on numerous presidential nominees;
  • The impacts of rate increases by the Fed; and,
  • The impact of several changes in the auto industry to reduce carbon emissions. 

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