An Insider's Perspective on San Francisco's Tech Exodus
The Political LifeMarch 01, 2021x
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An Insider's Perspective on San Francisco's Tech Exodus

Jennifer Stojkovic is a preeminent governmental affairs leader for the world’s largest tech companies in the capital of innovation, San Francisco. In her role as Executive Director of, Jennifer advocates for leading tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb, to build sound policy with legislators across the political spectrum. She speaks both locally and internationally on the intersection between tech and government and is regularly covered in the national press. 

In addition to Jennifer’s government affairs leadership, Jennifer specializes in convening cross-sector stakeholders and building partnerships for the future of food technology. In 2020, she founded the Vegan Women Summit (VWS), a global media and events platform dedicated to supporting women on their path to building a kinder, more sustainable world. The VWS community spans over 20,000 women CEOs, founders, investors, and advocates for the future of food, fashion, beauty, and biotechnology across six continents. Jennifer is an ethical vegan, as well as an accomplished athlete, rescue diver, and world traveller (though COVID thwarted her plans, she plans to cross off her seventh continent very soon). Spending her time between her native Canada and adopted home of California, she can most often be found hiking with her husband, Pavle, and her two dogs, Vexy and Alfie.

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